Korg 01W

The Korg 01W workstation/ROMpler was released in 1991. It was a follow-up to the M1 and later replaced by the Trinity and Triton workstations. The 01W series was one of the most powerful and versatile workstations of its time. 

The Korg 01W is ideal for music styles such as r&b, pop, and rock but less suitable for electronic dance music. 

The Korg 01W became famous for it's sonically rich and warm sound which is especially noticeable in the organs, strings and pads. This was said to be due to the increased ROM memory allocated to the sample thus allowing you to hear more of the intricate subtleties of the 254 recorded instrument sounds. 

The 01W has a highly praised collection of presets although some believe that it is let down by it's acoustic piano and guitar sounds. That said acoustic Piano's were never Korg's strong points. Additionally others has said that the percussion sounds are not so great either. You can however, layer up to 8 of the 200 available presets simultaneously allowing you to create a wide range of sounds. 

The synth is easy to program and has a 'Quick Edit' feature which allows you to adjust parameters such as the octave, attack, release, wave-shaping intensity, VDA level, filter EG and effects level. 

The built-in dynamic 16-track sequencer allows you to contruct entire songs/arrangements using the easy-to-use LCD display, obviating the need for a computer. This also makes it ideal as a live performance tool. You can save up to 10 songs, have 100 patterns and use a maximum of 7 000 notes. 

Using the sequencer you can copy, paste, move, overdub and punch-in & out recording. Additionally the sequencer can also be used to control external MIDI equipment. 

Some of the downsides include the acclaimed lack in quality of the guitars, piano and percussion sounds. There is no resonance control and a limited usage of only two effects at any time despite the fact that there are 47 different fully assignable effects. Additionally the Keyboard action is said to be a little on the heavy side.and 

As mentioned the 01W features 47 assignable effects which you can modify in real time and has particularly good quality reverb, chorus and delay effects. 

It is said the 01W-series has been used by Rick Wakeman, Tony Banks, Keith Emerson, Phil Collins, Jan Hammer, Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Greg Phillanganes, Rod Argent, Dave Stewart, Patrick Moraz, Moby, Eddie Jobson, Chuck Leavell, T Lavitz, Tom - http://www.vintagesynth.com



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